You CAN’T Reap, What you DON’T Sow.

What is the ONE thing you WILL check off your to do list today????

Beginner's Challenge (1)


The most inspiring quote we have heard so far this year is “You can’t reap, what you don’t sow.”

Basically meaning. No more excuses guys, stop procrastinating. Get that task done that you have been meaning to do. Stop pushing it back to the bottom of the list. Do it NOW.

  • Is it simply just making your bed first thing in the morning? Getting that first task, done and dusted for the today. to continue with a day of kicking your ‘to-do’ lists proverbial?
  • Is it answering that not so important email you received three days ago, that you keep in your inbox because you intend to do it at some point, some time? Reply now.
  • Is it booking that doctors appointment that you are holding off for the illusive day when you have nothing in your diary? We have news for you, ‘it ain’t gonna happen’ … book it now, MAKE TIME.
  • Is it applying for that Phd you have been wanting to do but life takes over? Apply now, time waits for no man.
  • Is it simply picking up the phone and building your pipeline?? Well, unless you get out in front of clients, you aren’t going to have a pipeline so, stop reading this article and get on with your work!

Funnily enough, this inspiring quote actually came from an animated film called ‘Lorax‘.
Check it out… after you have completed your to-do list of course!



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